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Scoring Rubric

Communication professionals in other PRSA regions will judge this year’s entries. Each entry is judged on its own merit in 10 specific criteria components. They include:

1.    Purpose

Is the need or opportunity well defined?


2.    Audience(s)

Are the intended audiences well described? To what extent was strategic rationale used in selecting target groups?

3.    Objectives

Did the entry include measurable, specific, achievable objectives?


4.    Description

Is the entry (and its associated elements like budget, schedule, timing, and/or resources) fully explained? Does it paint a comprehensive big-picture?

5.    Results

How well does the entry prove it accomplished its goals? Does the entry and all its components accurately take into account the needs of target audiences?

6.    Comprehension

Do the cumulative elements of the entry demonstrate a clear and complete understanding of strategic, professionally supported communications?

7.    Strategy

Do the objectives and proposed tactics effectively address the entry’s original purpose or need (in the context of the available resources)?

8.    Expertise

Does the entry meet or exceed technical and/or professional standards for the medium/media selected?

9.    Creativity

To what extent does the entry show originality, ingenuity, and innovation?


10.  Efficacy

To what extent would you consider the entry successful? Would it be worth recreating or referencing in the future?

Because the Landmarks of Excellence Awards are NOT judged in comparison to other entries, there will likely be multiple winners in each category.

Awards will be allocated by achieving the following minimum scores:

  • Awards of Excellence: 85 points
  •  Awards of Merit: 75 points
  •  Honorable Mentions: 65 points